Confidential: Confidentiality is the back bone of our industry! We realize more than anyone the need for confidentiality, especially in this tight-knit industry. We give our candidates a shield of protection with the ability to "kick the tires" on a new opportunity without the fear of their current employers, industry colleagues or peers from ever knowing or finding out.

  • Only the best companies and positions.

    Having been in the industry ourselves, we have as our Golden Rule: If I can't look myself in the mirror and say I would work for that company, we simply will not represent that company. We have the ability to vet our clients as well as our candidates and have often turned down business adhering to this rule! Strict adherence to our Golden Rule keeps us with only the best clients and the best positions in the industry which are often unpublished or advertised and exclusively handled by us. In some cases we have the ability to present a candidate proactively whether there is an available position or not.

    Green Hunters will do all the work for you from the initial submission, arranging all conversations and meetings and throughout the offer and acceptance process.

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    1. The first step is to provide an updated resume. If you do not have one prepared, our staff will work with you to update, edit or even create one if necessary.

    2. Our staff will arrange a thorough review of your resume, background and experience.

    3. With your permission and only with your permission (Green Hunters will never present your information to anyone without your permission) we will present you as a candidate to our client(s) for review. We "present" a candidate not just submit a resume. The submittal is accompanied by a short written narrative to help present you for the particular role. We try to bring out your strengths as it pertains to the particular position.

    4. We arrange all conversations and or meetings to insure confidentially. Often meetings are set at off site locations, again to assure confidentiality Example: a restaurant for lunch or dinner or even meeting for a cup of coffee.

    5. Our staff will spend the time to prepare you for each and every meeting.

      • Name, title and contact information of the person(s) you will be speaking or meeting with.

      • An overview of what the client is searching for, how your background or experience meets with their needs and company culture.

    6. Feedback from the client.

    7. Negotiations when the offer is received. We are compensated by the client however we work as an advocate for our candidates as well. We strive to have the offer presented one time without the hassle of going back and forth. When presented, our clients are given the precise compensation requirements of our candidates. We would never submit a candidate unless we feel it is a good fit on both sides.

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